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I can confirm that every particle of energy has been zapped from us.


Jonathan Barnes

I'm glad to hear that Smithers is all right.
That's a cute picture of him in the corner, too.


How's about recharging those old batteries...leave the kids at the kennel...and pop on down to DC for a warm burst of pre-spring air this weekend! Oh heck...bring the little bastards! And the kids too.


Add a state to your tally why dontcha!


Joe - that state is already in my tally. Wink wink nudge nudge


Yes, one of us has had a thorough exploration of the Mid-Atlantic states.

If going solo counted, I'd have a pretty impressive map. Or viewed another way, a pretty depressing map.

Frank Lefkin

No, we don't use carts anymore. Not even at the little community station I volunteer at (KRFCFM.ORG).


Gee, I hope this state tally talk doesn't cause a rift...

It would in my house, say, if my wife included...I don't know...Wisconsin in her tally...and I've only been at the Milwaukee airport Starbucks...thems would be divorcin' words!

Wisconsin! I hate Wisconsin! I think I'll write about that tomorrow...


Ha! Final, hell! Where is your term paper?

It was supposed to be on Food in Chaucer, by the way -- did you FORGET you signed up for my class?

You can hand it in at the next Boyly Bloggers Fart Fest over at Finnegan's Wake.


Glad to hear the pup is OK.

At least Adam isn't peeing on the floor.


I think your radio dream might be common, but in different manifestations.
I have a similar one, only it goes back to my days as a church organist. In the dream I am late for church, and the irritated congregation has started singing without me, sans accompaniment. I scramble around with the music books only to find I haven't chosen a list of songs for that mass, and spend the rest of the hour trying in vain to catch up.


Anne -- here 'tis:

Food plays an important role in many, if not all, of Chaucer's works. Since many, if not all, of Chaucer's storys revolve around people, and the doings thereof, and since as we all know people need food in order to exist, food therefore plays a vital role in Chaucer.

Without food, how would Chaucer's characters be able to perform the many, many Chaucerian tasks with which we are all so familiar? For example, that one story, the one with the woman who does all that stuff -- how, I ask you, could she perform said stuff without the benefit of at least occasional nourishment? She couldn't, and that's my point. I believe the pivotal role of food in Chaucer can best be summed up by the lyrics to a song from the movie "Oliver," which is based on a story by a guy who is much like Chaucer in that he's from another country, which go something like this:

Food, glorious food
We're anxious to try it.

So in conclusion, food is a key element in the collected works of Chaucer.


You know, after working in radio for a decade, I don't think I've had a single work related dream.

Tube City

Although most stuff has migrated over to computers in the radio business, they do use carts for some things. In fact, some of the biggest stations of Pittsburgh are still using them.

The reason is that when you need something in a hurry, retrieving a cart, slamming it into a cart machine and hitting the button is a whole lot faster than scrolling through computer menus.

Also, computers in radio stations (like computers every place else) have the delightful habit of crashing at inopportune moments, so it's helpful to have some carts as backup.

I've had the same radio nightmare. Luckily, I've never worked for any stations that anyone listened to, so it didn't matter.

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